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Слово «tank»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 26.08.2005 в 08:35,
и с тех пор употреблялось 28 раз.
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Запрос выполнился за 0.0572 сек.
  1. 23.12.2013, 14:12. lamen в теме
    «Как считать погрешности»
    tank ты вопрос сформулируй внятно пожалуйста может...
  2. 21.02.2013, 09:03. lamen в теме
    «Каникулы? В армию!!!»
    http www vedomosti ru politics news 9352 kanikul v tank кто-нибудь понимает зачем это этой таинственной...
  3. 22.07.2007, 10:17. Ванёк в теме
    «Продам сноуборд»
    продается 1 доска f2 tank 162 freestyle freeride состояние более чем хорошее...
  4. 29.07.2006, 16:04. marcipanchik в теме
    «Модератор "Черный плащ"»
    ... prikrivat vseh ot govna proletauschih ptic hm nu en tank ili ti et vidvinul v svjazi s is4eznoveniem nekotorih...
  5. 31.08.2005, 18:12. valex в теме
    ... sets were received from the us the second aspect of tank formations strategies is how to control small regiments and large armies by radio the german officers and generals to the barbarossa advance were perfectly trained for that i didn t find specific examples of successful experience of russian commanders to control their units by radio former german officers say to the beginning of 1945 some russian tanks formation had been controlled by radio at the battlefield successfully i mean for instance to change attack aim after attack was started strategy of russian army before 1945 relays on multiple rehearsal not on real time control my point is the army was need for some time to adopt new radio equipment for units control on fly even when tanks became equipped as nedeed
  6. 27.08.2005, 10:22. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... of 500 pesetas for every russian t-26 captured this tank being armored with a 45mm high velocity gun and a coaxial machine gun shortly no fewer then 4 of von thoma s companies were fully equipped with russian tanks
  7. 27.08.2005, 09:52. valex в теме
    ... uncertainty did nothing for the morale of the soviet tank arm further the size of the mechanized corps made them unwieldy and difficult to control especially as the shortage of tank radios meant that it was rare for a command net...
  8. 26.08.2005, 17:14. valex в теме
    ... 23 tons weight and 3 medium 37mm gun 12 tons german tanks were dispatched to kazan for afv testing station on kama river german and russian armies cooperated to test new german troops that time started era of theoretical employment tanks troops the majority of stimulating ideas stemmed from the uk where fuller liddell hart martel and stern were predicted the course armored warfare would take and where the royal tank corps as it was demonstrated the validity of their theories in exercises which saw the movment of entire formations controlled by radio tukhachevsky was the one of russian marshal who established large armored formations in german manner on his death the asinine kulik succeeded to his post confiscated all the army s light automatic weapons on the grounds that these more properly belonged to the nkvd and put a temporary stop to the manufacture of anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery for reasons best understood by himself as if this was not enough when general pavlov arrived home from spain he annonce that he no longer saw a future for large armored formations and that henceforth the tank should be regarded as an infantry support weapon kulik seized the opportunity to disband the mechanized corps which tukhachevsky had formed by contrast in the far east zhukov employed tukhachevsky s principals and used the concentrated mobility of his armor to inflict a signal defeat on the japanese along kalhin river very quickly the kremlin decided that the mechanized corps must be reformed at once their order of battle being 2 tank divisions each of 2 tank regiments with 200 tanks apiece a motor rifle regiment and an artillery...
  9. 26.08.2005, 08:35. valex в теме
    ... snapback 13879 snapback right i can help history of the tanks development in the ussr 1928y 92 tanks 1935 15 000 tanks in june 1941 climbed to 24 000 that where multi-turreted land-battleships like the smks t-100 t-35 t-28 a multi-turreted medium t-26 with great history in spain bt christie-based cruiser series very fast but lightly armored t-60 similar to the pzkw ii armored with 20 mm cannon and unlikely to make much of a contribution light amphibians t-37 t-38 and t-40 these were little better then tracked machine-gun carriers t-34 medium and the kv heavy tanks when offensive barbarossa opened the panzerwaffe had 17 divisions in the line and 2 more in reserve tank strength amounted to 410 pzkw is 746 pzkw iis 149 pzkw 35 t s 623 pzkw 38 t s 965 pzkw iiis and 439 pzkw ivs this produce total 3 332 tanks most of which even at this stage were light tanks and ageing czech stock the sturmartillerrie initially supplied 2 battalions to each army group a number old independent batteries and steady increased the number of units participating until approximately 250 assault guns were engaged in supporting the advance much of the russian numerical superiority was written down when the luftwaffe pounced on the tank columns during their approach-march and the rest was squandered in piece-meal and uncoordinated attacks more tanks were lost through poor tactical use of ground too-numerous firing halts and inadequate driver training all faults which were to plague the russian armored corps for the rest of the war in this series of engagements the panzers concentrated on whittling away the older designs until the new t-34s and kvs were isolated these were then destroyed by combined attacks involving tanks the divisional medium artillery and 88mm anti-aircraft...
  10. 19.08.2005, 10:08. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... countries problems and short success stories about german tanks maintenance the author explains with documents why panzerwaffe were so successful even when allies outnumbered germans the book more about strategy as opposite of panzer tactic some examples from the book explain barbarossa and plan blue from different point of view then you do but for some facts the book and you explain similar i advice you to read knights of the black cross when i read the book i was surprised by psychology of german generals tight to the panzerwaffe creation and by many details about german machinery interesting to read some opinions of panzer leaders about themselves and about allied opponents for instance completely different tactic of german anti-tank troops against red army and against western allies...

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