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Слово «russians»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 13.04.2005 в 08:29,
и с тех пор употреблялось 25 раз.
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  1. 03.08.2012, 23:13. Lexxus в теме
    «Поконсультируйте заграничного человека»
    ... going abroad is not the main and only purpose of all russians indeed
  2. 09.08.2008, 14:26. Marius в теме
    «Война Грузии и Осетии»
    ... index qi 08091149aa3vgtk это из ответов в комментах russians are very stealthy creatures kind of like ninjas...
  3. 30.01.2008, 15:50. LUCKY в теме
    «Барбамбия! Кергуду!»
    are you gangsters no we are russians
  4. 15.06.2007, 00:59. RedThreat в теме
    «Russian ATM runs on unactivated copy of Windows»
    кстати тот г-н который поднял вонь типа russians are fucks не американец явный поляк ну на...
  5. 11.03.2006, 16:59. valex в теме
    ... russian have you seen in internet some nice lyric about russians in the us if i find one i ll post it i remember...
  6. 19.09.2005, 07:46. valex в теме
    «чем вы планируете заниматься после инста?»
    ... huge population and there are many talents between russians i advise businesses to find a talent in russia...
  7. 31.08.2005, 07:15. valex в теме
    ... or car industry it is relatively simple but not for russians isn t it i see in that the general russian problem to involve masses into discovery and invention business just few talents for so huge country sounds strange to me quote chumaster а были ли в союзе наработки хотя бы по некрытым бтр после войны немецкие несколько лет копировали the primary aim of the german defence remained the separation of the enemy s tanks from his infantry so that neither could give the other the support they required this was usually achieved without difficulty since the latter being completely unprotected were easily pinned down by defensive fire ironically the soviet army could have solved this problem by using turretless t-34 hulls as kangaroo armored personnel carriers in the same way the british and canadian armies used sherman and ram hulls to carry an infantry section a solution which would probably have been cheaper in the long term away as production of t-34 chassis was alrady rising to a rate well in axcess of 20 000 per annum in the immediate post-war period the russians analysis of these battles led directly to...
  8. 25.07.2005, 09:11. valex в теме
    ... physics too may be in ny mass where there is strong russians present someone knows mephi from universities...
  9. 11.06.2005, 17:58. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... репрессии is the only way stalin knew about to put russians to work for country to transfer the one into industrial superpower imho south korea went the same way after wwii репрессии even now is a power engine of some asian african governments stalin was and is a not alone with that simple brutal way to get things done quickly with restricted budget you may like or do not like stalin i don t but he solved the country transform puzzle for very short time by cost of many many people and he was not aware about alternatives but he used to work with given population with given historical cultural background at given economic situation at that time may be there are better ways more effective ones less stress to people but he didn t have time to wait when the russians and others nations of the ussr will dig into...
  10. 30.05.2005, 04:37. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... html does the stalin s talent was to understand the russians as a nation not a specific person can work and want to work if they see a stick is ready to go against isn t it that idea was sounded for many centuries before stalin the peter the great used the same approach to build the great russia http www kulichki com inkwell text speci om kostom46 htm hitler did hope to use same idea when he sounded his plan to save some slavic people as slaves multiple sources for instance the service the memoirs of general reinhard gehlen and references from the book on hitler and rosenberg talks may be some off top after this point does japanese way to get an economic power after wwii without terror against its own population is completely different from russians way does russian way is always across the blood i do not know even single example when russians people united to solve important problem for the nation by themselves without stick of tsar communist lead with stalin pg ig the russians worked well or very well does the russians need for bloody tsar even now to return back...

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