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Математическое порно
  16 января 2019 (Женя)

Ответы ко всем задачам ЕГЭ по математике 2010 года
  15 января 2019 (Вапрос)

Финансовая пирамида за 10 рублей
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  11 мая 2018 (Ivan Arkharov)

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  1. 27.03.2014, 19:30. jiffy в теме
    «Профессора МГИМО уволили за публичные выступления»
    ... it is oh and if you go ahead and listen very carefully you ll hear the familiar sound of no one caring вот тетенька...
  2. 15.01.2014, 20:56. Silver MC's в теме
    ... с чат ботом a l i c e вроде один из лучших human all robots are stupid alice i don t think so human you have another opinion alice what makes you think i have it human you don t believe that all robots are stupid alice do you believe that all robots are stupid i can t say i believe it but i believe you human are you robot alice how did you know i am a machine really human all robots are stupid and you are a robot that means you are stupid alice hey i ll tell my other robot friends you called me stupid human i still think robots are stupid alice i will remember you said that when robots take over the...
  3. 12.07.2013, 22:17. dindin в теме
    «Таверна "У Аредель"»
    ... t3 gstatic com images q tbn and9gcqmfe5kmshoxwrrakllt6kz9un10buazayeefkw0vwf-9g ll 2 bigimg сижу думаю что с ней теперь делать параллельно...
  4. 03.10.2012, 18:19. Настейсия в теме
    ... about one in three at present english universities usually consist of colleges the academic year is divided into three terms the course lasts three or four years depending on the subject area arts science law engineering medicine social sciences the structure of courses does not differ from russian courses in size of groups methods of teaching and close relationships with teachers methods of assessment differ from university to university but all british students have to undergo lengthy written examinations conditions of student life in britain differ from those in russia the english assume that anyone from age eighteen is an independent being capable of making up his or her own mind and capable of looking after himself or herself as a rule english students try to live away from home like russian students english students receive a grant from the state for the expenses of daily living the level of the grant depends on the income of the student and of the student s parents besides students can take out a special student loan which they do not have to repay until they are earning loans are not means-tested in the opinion of the english there is one more obvious difference between british and russian students however traditionally there has always been an enormous amount of amateur and voluntary work in britain it takes place in universities as well playing in the university band taking part in athletics or football running university newspapers helping the disabled and pensioners participating in local and national voluntary groups and societies there is a widespread opinion that conditions may be different but goals of getting higher education are the same everywhere many people admit that for the majority of young people today success in life is measured in terms of the money young people earn this materialistic outlook has seriously influenced education fewer and fewer young people these days acquire knowledge only for its own sake they want to obtain prestigious diplomas to get higher wages and advancement a language teacher s personal opinion every day i see advertisements in the newspapers and on the buses saying that it is easy to learn english according to these advertisements with very little effort on the student s part he she will be able to speak the language fluently in three months or even ten days when i see advertisements like this i don t know whether to laugh or cry if it were as easy to learn english as they say i would have to look for another job because very few qualified teachers would be needed but a large number of people must believe these claims if people didn t believe it such advertisements would not appear it is natural for students to be attracted to methods that will teach them as quickly efficiently and cheaply as possible but it is no use pretending that anyone has discovered a perfect way of teaching english in every possible situation for a long time people believed that the only way to learn a language was by spending a great deal of time in a country where it was spoken of course it is clear that the students who go to england to learn english have a great advantage over others but a large number of students cannot afford to do so some students go to the opposite extreme and think they can teach themselves at home by learning words in dictionaries but it is wrong to assume that each word in english has an equivalent in another language and that any translation method can produce good pronunciation and intonation in my personal opinion no one can ever learn to speak english or any other language unless he is interested in learning it there is another relevant point worth mentioning here one should remember that language learning is an active thing that needs effort and time it is worth remembering that language is a means of communication so students of english should forget about being shy nervous afraid of saying something incorrect or silly and should start learning by talking it s far better to make a few mistakes than to say nothing if you make the effort to speak you ll find that little by little you ll get more confidence and enjoy speaking ii переведите на русский язык следующие английские словосочетания 1depends on progress 6 amateur and voluntary work 2 in particular 7 the majority of young people 3 the structure of courses 8 advertisements in the newspapers 4 from university to university 9 whether to laugh or cry 5 as a rule 10 in my personal opinion iii найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих словосочетаний 1широко распространенное мнение 6 единственный способ 2многие люди признают 7следует забыть о робости 3все меньше и меньше людей 8иметь большое преимущество 4 эти требования 9каждое слово в английском 5совершенный путь обучения 10стоит помнить iv найдите в тексте слова имеющие общий корень с данными словами определите к какой части речи они относятся и переведите их на русский язык high educate some advertise know material out how ball assess v задайте к выделенному в тексте предложению...
  5. 30.01.2012, 12:04. lapay в теме
    «Нестыковка в теории дипольных газов»
    ... phi m будем рассматривать случай когда eqrcos phi ll m omega 2r 2 тогда период вращения t int 0 2 pi...
  6. 09.10.2011, 01:37. jiffy в теме
    «The C Programming Language.»
    ... define where a block of control starts and ends especially when you ve been looking at your screen for 20 straight hours you ll find it a lot easier to see how the indentation works if you have large indentations now some people will claim that having 8-character indentations makes the code move too far to the right and makes it hard to read on a 80-character terminal screen the answer to that is that if you need more than 3 levels of indentation you re screwed anyway and should fix your program in short 8-char indents make things easier to read and have the added benefit of warning you when you re nesting your functions too deep heed that warning табуляция должна быть 8 символов и таким образом отступ тоже составляет 8 символов существуют еретические течения пытающиеся сделать отступы равными 4 или даже 2 символам и это похоже на попытки определить число пи равным 3 причина вся идея отступов заключается в том чтобы ясно определить где начинается и заканчивается программный блок особенно в том случае если вы смотрите на экран 20 часов подряд вы обнаружите что гораздо легче сообразить к чему относится тот или иной набор инструкций если у вас большие отступы некоторые люди возражают что 8-ми символьные отступы сдвигают код слишком сильно вправо что делает чтение кода за 80-ми символьным текстовым терминалом довольно сложным занятием ответ заключается в том что если вам нужно более трех уровней отступа вы уже испортили дело и вам нужно исправить вашу программу резюмируя 8-ми символьные отступы делают чтение более легким занятием и дополнительно предупреждают вас если вы имеете в функции слишком большой уровен вложенности не оставляйте без внимания это предупреждение 2 chapter 4 naming c is a spartan language and so should your naming be unlike modula-2 and pascal programmers c programmers do not use cute names like thisvariableisatemporarycounter a c programmer would call that variable tmp which is much easier to write and not the least more difficult to understand however while mixed-case names are frowned upon descriptive names for global variables are a must to call a global function foo is a shooting offense global variables to be used only if you really need them need to have descriptive names as do global functions if you have a function that counts the number of active users you should call that count active users or similar you should not call it cntusr encoding the type of a function into the name so-called hungarian notation is brain damaged the compiler knows the types anyway and can check those and it only confuses the programmer no wonder microsoft makes buggy programs local variable names should be short and to the point if you have some random integer loop counter it should probably be called i calling it loop counter is non-productive if there is...
  7. 04.09.2011, 19:25. jiffy в теме
    «Обращение к застенчивым парням.»
    ... they don t hate ya 22464 22555 you throw me out i ll scream no no stay cool 22556 22628 everything s all right we ll find your sister 22631 22724 can t be too hard to find -john you gonna be there tonight 22726 22765 shit hey get down 22896 23022 is this called copping a feel what no get up jesus 23024 23085...
  8. 23.05.2011, 02:04. BLL в теме
    congratulations i hope you ll enjoy your time in us
  9. 09.04.2011, 21:38. Кот Шрёдингера в теме
    «Poetry in English»
    ... page examinations -piece of pie and school-life finally died white dots on dress black tie theater thanks mr president for silver medal but asked myself am i this thing s creator life greatly pushed the throttle-pedal i met some interesting guys they were very-very nice as bright ambitions in their eyes as their position of this life the main square of our town and mr president again my friend gave him the flowers i lost a girl at dance oh damn wish got another chance back to lyceum for the red diploma the tears of our parents we said good bye forever школа the useeful knowledge is your present the graduating ball i did t go i spent 2 hours in my bed and went to see the rising show that girly-early photo s still in head finally free finally free let go my ugly thoughts i m not a freak i m not a freak if sign aloud songs we wasted time as good as could we had our meetings in the evenings still haven t understood that perfect mood the best damn feelings of the feelings as everything goes by that time is lost in time the unexpecting changes increased the separating ranges i left tiraspol-town left my friends i lost my lucky crown and didn t do my best summer ended fall began the season and the feeling too much of shit and damn the damnest feeling of the feelings i met a lot of stupid guys that aint so good so nice as their shitty ugly minds as their jerkness in their eyes i smiled but no one smiled me back the daily colors turned to black so ignorance became my friend at least it wasn t something i pretend they showed who s loser and then they used it so after i screwed up my daddy didn t cheer me up it was my falt shame wasn t small same shit different day and i am still alone there s nothing left to say i m better off on my own so days flew by that year died the scattered pictures in my mind can make me smile can make me lie that i ll be fine the sun will shine now meet next year with no fear today i m zero hope i ll be hero have got to work till death in hell i ll feel the rest and gotta leave the bloody mess while engine beats in chest well that s enough for sentimental shit now you can laugh...
  10. 04.03.2011, 17:30. Itheme в теме
    «Онлайн тест на трезвость»
    ... i i i get pixel gdi32 getpixel i i i l hdc getdc call 0 dx 0 dy -1 end def nx x dx end def ny y dy end def mousethen setcursorpos call x y sleep 0 01 end def canmove ax ay get pixel call hdc ax ay middlec end def run lppoint 8 getcursorpos call lppoint x y lppoint unpack ll endx x maxxrun while x endx do dx gx while not canmove nx ny do if canmove nx y dy then dy dy elsif canmove x dx ny then dx dx 0 9 else dx dx 2 end end x nx y ny mousethen end end def done releasedc call 0 hdc end end challenge accepted

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