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  1. 18.05.2012, 23:11. qxev в теме
    «леталки для всех»
    ... примененных технологических решений http www knastu ru ru activity education edactivity html скорость полета 110км ч высота полета...
  2. 08.09.2011, 22:30. serzh в теме
    «Мифический чат. Логи»
    public class droid1activity extends activity called when the activity is first created override public void oncreate...
  3. 08.09.2011, 22:28. serzh в теме
    «Мифический чат. Логи»
    ... androidruntime 3342 java lang runtimeexception unable to start activity componentinfo com appserzh droid1 com appserzh droid1 droid1activity java lang nullpointerexception
  4. 08.09.2011, 22:28. Nick_ в теме
    «Мифический чат. Логи»
    ... androidruntime 3342 java lang runtimeexception unable to start activity componentinfo com appserzh droid1 com appserzh droid1 droid1activity java lang nullpointerexception
  5. 08.09.2011, 22:25. serzh в теме
    «Мифический чат. Логи»
    2011-09-08 22 19 32 droid1 starting activity com appserzh droid1 droid1activity on device ht03zpl09298 2011-09-08 22 19 32 droid1 activitymanager starting intent act android intent action main cat android intent category launcher cmp com appserzh droid1 droid1activity 2011-09-08 22 19 32 droid1 activitymanager warning activity not started because the current activity is being kept for the user
  6. 11.11.2010, 01:06. Chameleon в теме
    «Maxima на Corum'е»
    ... the name was changed to punimax it has not seen much activity since the initial port and although it is still available the ability of the main maxima distribution to compile on clisp makes further development of punimax unlikely there is a certain surprising aspect in this multiplicity of versions and platforms given how the code seemed tied to the development environment which included a unique operating system fortunately berkeley s building a replica of the maclisp environment on the mit-ml pdp-10 using tools available in almost any unix c environment helped solve this problem complicating the matter was the eventual demise of the pdp-10 and maclisp systems as common lisp resembling lisp-machine lisp influenced by bbn lisp and researchers at stanford carnegie mellon university and xerox began to take hold it seemed sensible to re-target the code to make it compatible with what eventually became the ansi common lisp standard since almost everything needed for for macsyma can be done in ansi cl the trend toward standardization made many things simpler there are a few places where the language is not standardized in particular connecting to modules written in other languages but much of the power of the system can be expressed within ansi cl it is a trend the maxima project is planning to carry on to maintain and expand on this flexibility which has emerged with all these versions in recent history there are two which have been major players due this time more to economics than to code quality 1982 was a watershed year in many respects for macsyma it marks clearly the branching of macsyma into two distinct products and ultimately gave rise to the events which have made maxima both possible and desirable mit had decided with the gradual spread of computers throughout the academic world to put macsyma on the market commercially using as a marketing partner the firm of arthur d little inc this version was sold to the symbolics inc which depending on your perspective either turned the project into a significant marketing effort to help sell their high-priced lisp machines or was a diversionary tactic to deny their competitors lmi this program at the same time mit forced uc berkeley richard fateman to withdraw the copies from about 50 sites of the vax unix and vax vms versions of macsyma that he had distributed with mit s consent until some agreement could be reached for technology transfer symbolics hired some of the mit staff to work at symbolics in order to improve the code which was now proprietary the mit-ml pdp-10 also went off the arpanet in 1983 interestingly the closing of the mit lisp and macsyma efforts was a key reason richard stallman decided to form the free software foundation between the high prices closed source code and neglecting all platforms in favor of lisp machines pressure came to bear on mit to release another version to accommodate these needs which they did with some reluctance the new version was distributed via the national energy software center and called doe macsyma it had been re-coded in a dialect of lisp written for the vax at mit called nil there was never a complete implementation at about the same time a vax unix version vaxima was put into the same library by berkeley this ran on any of hundreds of machines running the berkeley version of vax unix and through a unix simulator on vms on any vax system the doe versions formed the basis of the subsequent non-symbolics distributions the code was made available through the national energy software center which in its attempt to recoup its costs charged a significant fee 1-2k it provided full source but in a concession to mit did not allow redistribution this prohibition seems to have been disregarded and especially so since nesc disappeared perhaps it didn t recoup its costs among all the new activity centered around doe macsyma prof william schelter began maintaining a version of the code at ut austin calling his variation maxima he refreshed the nesc version with a common-lisp compatible code version there were from the earliest days other computer algebra systems including reduce camal mathlab-68 pm and altran more serious competition however did not arrive until maple and mathematica were released maple in 1985 cite list of dates and mathematica in 1988 cite wolfram website these systems were inspired by macsyma in terms of their capabilities but they proved to be much better at the challenge of building mind-share doemacsyma because of the nature of its users and maintainers never responded to this challenge symbolics successor macsyma inc having lost market share and unable to meet its expenses was sold in the summer of 1999 after attempts to find endowment and academic buyers failed cite richard petti usenet post the purchaser withdrew macsyma from the market and the developers and maintainers of that system dispersed mathematica and maple appeared to have vanquished macsyma it was at this point maxima re-entered the game although it was not widely known in the general academic public w schelter had been maintaining and extending his copy of the code ever since 1982 he had decided to see what he could do about distributing it more widely he attempted to contact the nesc to request permission to distribute derivative works the duties of the nesc had been assumed in 1991 by the energy science and technology software center which granted him virtually unlimited license to make and distribute derivative works with some minor export related caveats it was a significant breakthrough while schelter s code had been available for downloading for years this activity became legal with the release from doe granted...
  7. 16.06.2010, 15:42. Chameleon в теме
    «ipb. insert into post_text»
    ... pid as posts relative sum length post author id as activity absolute sum length post author id sum length post as activity relativefrom ibf post textwhere from unixtime...
  8. 27.01.2009, 08:53. Lexxus в теме
    «Юзер бары.»
    ... для юзера за последние 30 дней код select round p activity s activity 1000 from ibf members rating where mid id...
  9. 01.10.2008, 02:36. CFC в теме
    «New PhD position»
    ... nano-structured materials although the core of our activity is experimental people with predominantly...
  10. 28.11.2007, 15:11. mrach в теме
    «[University of Exeter (UK)] PhD studentship (PHYSICS)»
    ... relativistic quantum mechanics normally a rather exotic activity potentially accessible using the experimental...

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