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Слово «army»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 08.05.2005 в 04:08,
и с тех пор употреблялось 65 раз.
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  1. 18.07.2006, 00:38. S.N. в теме
    «Менеджер производства (Hardware Production Manager)»
    так 27 эта возраст после которого не берут в army на сколько я помню
  2. 11.03.2006, 16:16. valex в теме
    ... they don t have a choice they have to enroll in our army and to get a military loan for education but that will jeopardize their future life by necessity to serve in iraq or in countries like that about 80 of poor people think like that and go like that government supports this way of thinking and i see many army advertisements in poor rural areas army even sent young cadets to explain to others how well to serve well and how important to get army loan for professional education now this way works...
  3. 26.01.2006, 02:42. Ninоn в теме
    «Кто что слушает»
    ... попсу или еще что просто настроение такое бывало даже army of lovers vacuum britney spears земфира ремиксы...
  4. 19.10.2005, 21:04. Niemand в теме
    ... immediate possession of your seven fleets and the british army will send one of its two platoons of soldiers...
  5. 31.08.2005, 18:12. valex в теме
    ... became equally equipped by ones as the rest of german army i didn t find a specific number of vehicle radio sets supplied from the us but all my sources say tens of thousands of vehicle radio sets were received from the us the second aspect of tank formations strategies is how to control small regiments and large armies by radio the german officers and generals to the barbarossa advance were perfectly trained for that i didn t find specific examples of successful experience of russian commanders to control their units by radio former german officers say to the beginning of 1945 some russian tanks formation had been controlled by radio at the battlefield successfully i mean for instance to change attack aim after attack was started strategy of russian army before 1945 relays on multiple rehearsal not on real time control my point is the army was need for some time to adopt new radio equipment...
  6. 31.08.2005, 07:15. valex в теме
    ... pinned down by defensive fire ironically the soviet army could have solved this problem by using turretless...
  7. 29.08.2005, 16:53. valex в теме
    ... to try to teach me i ve been commanding the german army in the field for 5 years and during that time...
  8. 27.08.2005, 09:52. valex в теме
    ... mergetime true blitzkrieg employs forces of sizes of army or corps the smallest known blitzkrieg is the...
  9. 26.08.2005, 17:14. valex в теме
    ... operation intended to engage the main mass of the enemy army 3 a pursuit maintained for up to 150 miles plan 1919 provided the framework upon which the blitzkrieg technique is based and historical experience confirms that the best results are obtained if phase 2 runs concurrently with phase 1 in certain circumstances there has been no need to implement phase 3 as enemy army has already been destroyed буденным was just a good follower of the plan 1919 the blitzkrieg ideas did employ armored troops as a pivot element of the plan the first practice with armored vehicles dated to 1928 when 6 heavies 75mm gun 23 tons weight and 3 medium 37mm gun 12 tons german tanks were dispatched to kazan for afv testing station on kama river german and russian armies cooperated to test new german troops that time started era of theoretical employment tanks troops the majority of stimulating ideas stemmed from the uk where fuller liddell hart martel and stern were predicted the course armored warfare would take and where the royal tank corps as it was demonstrated the validity of their theories in exercises which saw the movment of entire formations controlled by radio tukhachevsky was the one of russian marshal who established large armored formations in german manner on his death the asinine kulik succeeded to his post confiscated all the army s light automatic weapons on the grounds that...
  10. 26.08.2005, 08:35. valex в теме
    ... sturmartillerrie initially supplied 2 battalions to each army group a number old independent batteries and steady...

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