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Слово «troops»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 08.05.2005 в 04:08,
и с тех пор употреблялось 15 раз.
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  1. 26.08.2005, 17:14. valex в теме
    ... plan 1919 the blitzkrieg ideas did employ armored troops as a pivot element of the plan the first practice with armored vehicles dated to 1928 when 6 heavies 75mm gun 23 tons weight and 3 medium 37mm gun 12 tons german tanks were dispatched to kazan for afv testing station on kama river german and russian armies cooperated to test new german troops that time started era of theoretical employment tanks troops the majority of stimulating ideas stemmed from...
  2. 26.08.2005, 08:35. valex в теме
    ... france german generals knew almost everything about troops the plan was budgeted very well by all kinds of troops and intelligence that was no way to hold german...
  3. 19.08.2005, 10:08. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... full of digits about pzkw creation as an independent troops industry production and requisition from conquered countries problems and short success stories about german tanks maintenance the author explains with documents why panzerwaffe were so successful even when allies outnumbered germans the book more about strategy as opposite of panzer tactic some examples from the book explain barbarossa and plan blue from different point of view then you do but for some facts the book and you explain similar i advice you to read knights of the black cross when i read the book i was surprised by psychology of german generals tight to the panzerwaffe creation and by many details about german machinery interesting to read some opinions of panzer leaders about themselves and about allied opponents for instance completely different tactic of german anti-tank troops against red army and against western allies...
  4. 30.05.2005, 22:36. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... may be not german army has the m p military police troops from year of 1760 at that time they did serve as bodyguards of imperator family and they carried the most important messages at wwi the m p troops added much more duties like documents verification service and service against desertion and etc i m not sure germany was the 1st country to introduce the m p units the uk or france could be the 1st one but i do not know exactly accordingly modern research german army m p with ss m p units are responsible for about 35 000 executions total of deserters of wehrmacht soldiers the ss and etc majority of executions are happened after 1944 before of year of 1944 the panel battalions worked well to improve troops moral you probably did see the movie stalingrad...
  5. 15.05.2005, 22:05. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... trainings in about 1970x was 3 from total number of troops in the fields i have no idea does that 3 limit...
  6. 13.05.2005, 09:03. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... bridge from german side of the 12th army and american troops on the western bank tens of thousands of german...
  7. 12.05.2005, 09:05. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... around to make the distinguish between international ss troops into official names were included for one more word the standards with major aryan men received a word freiwilligen those units that contained a high percentage of non-germanic personnel carried the designation waffen- within their names that is probably why you decide waffenss is for non-germanic divisions only when you use official name like some -waffen-grenadier-division-ss means that division is mainly from non-germans you may use waffenss word to call all himmler armored forces and that is correct way to say waffenss was a convenient military organization for the ss needs because of its political nature the ss enrolled of anyone requirements had been changed with time from any nation who wanted to serve for hitler the wermacht could recruit germans only or people from mixed families when at least one parent was a german when you talk about last days of war that is grey area of the history everyone knew the war is over that time people worked to safe of themselves out but some were fanatics yes hitler and keitel issued an order for wenk to go for berlin wenk in reverse set upped a contact with americans first he promised to bring the whole his army into american custody if allied will not battle his troops he received an understanding now wenk on his motorbike run along his troops line to promise the american custody if they...
  8. 08.05.2005, 04:08. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... and austria used to be solders of waffen ss panzier troops and grenadiers my former head manager served...

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