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Слово «budget»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 11.06.2005 в 17:58,
и с тех пор употреблялось 10 раз.
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  1. 19.03.2013, 12:41. lamen в теме
    «Наука и образование в России (читать всем)»
    ... сша http www whitehouse gov sites default fi sets budget pdf http www whitehouse gov sites default fi sets budget pdf http www whitehouse gov sites default fi sets budget pdf посмотрим внимательнейшим образом цитаты из бюджета на 13-й год код the budget provides sufficient funding for a 5 635 maximum pell grant award 900 above the 2008 level which ensures access to postsecondary education for nearly 10 million needy students the budget also provides over 12 million borrowers with...
  2. 07.02.2013, 17:55. Urfin Juce в теме
    «Наука и образование в России (читать всем)»
    http en wikipedia org wiki 2012 united s federal budget total expenditures 3 729 trillion requested...
  3. 06.08.2011, 16:03. Станислав Кутепов в теме
    «В ожидании полного рейтингового списка поступающих»
    ... москва бюджет http www mephi ru entrant moscow-05082011-budget pdf документ создан птн 05 авг 2011 23 41 54...
  4. 22.05.2010, 00:28. davinchi в теме
    «Национальная идея»
    ... своим согражданам under the european commission s budget proposals for 2007-13 agricultural spending...
  5. 19.10.2005, 21:04. Niemand в теме
    ... govern yourselves properly as witnessed by soaring budget and trade deficits disastrous unilateral foreign policies insane gun laws and most serious of all the constant abuse of the english language the government of the united kingdom hereby gives notice of the immediate revocation of the america independence act of 1776 effective june 30th 2005 her royal majesty queen elizabeth ii will become your sovereign a very upmarket and more competent version of your current president and resume monarchical duties over all states commonwealths and other territories hitherto described as the united states of america the royal navy s will use all of its seven gunboats to take immediate possession of your seven fleets and the british army will send one of its two platoons of soldiers to take control of all the pentagon s activities as 95 of you are unaware that there is a world outside your borders her majesty has graciously agreed to appoint a minister for the americas and as you have previously refused to vote for anything other than a donkey or elephant there is clearly no need for any further elections congress and the senate will be immediately disbanded the cost savings will be used to fund the feeding of the entire third world in recognition of their abilities and previous benefit to society all members of the congress and senate will be conscripted into junior positions overseas in this program and thereafter given regular geography and spelling tests your new government will work diligently to upgrade your new status as a crown colony e g pitcairn island and the falkland islands to a dominion e g canada and australia unfortunately the dire problems caused by 229 years of misrule will be hard to eradicate consequently the transition from colonial to dominion status is likely to take at least ten years as a crown colony the following regulations are to be implemented immediately 1 god created the english language and you put a nasty accent on his her wonderful creation those not speaking correctly will be fined 100 this is your new currency all paper dollars in circulation are to be recycled into an appropriate product such as lavatory paper or the national enquirer per day until a satisfactory accent is achieved persistent offenders will be jailed and required to share cells with long term inmates of dubious sexual orientation 2 the mispronunciation of such words as tomato and aluminium is henceforth forbidden in future all english words will be spelled correctly u is a letter which you should not be ashamed to use colour is the correct spelling not color there is no suffix that s the end of the word dummy spelled -ize it is -ise as in demise the penalty for non-compliance will be to be given congressional status and shipped off to some hellhole in the sudan or afghanistan 3 the historical truth is to be taught in school the so called war of independence is to be renamed the great treacherous revolution and subsequent events to be compared unfavourably with the cuban and russian revolutions the war of 1812 was much more than the battle of new orleans which took place after your surrender at the treaty of ghent you started it by invading canada and got thoroughly whipped by a few canadians and indians also liberating british redcoats burned your capital city washington to the ground in future this day is to be celebrated as a national public holiday replacing the ridiculous martin luther king holiday 4 in the unlikely event your colonial masters decide to go to war you will not wait three years before joining in once all the real fighting has been done and the war s outcome almost decided as happened on the last two occasions 5 driving on the wrong side of the road clearly affects the cars you manufacture similar in quality to those produced in her majesty s realm 30 years ago in other words they are complete crap driving on the left side of the road is to be made compulsory with immediate effect all cars the term automobile is no longer allowed will drive on the left trucks and other heavy vehicles are to follow six weeks later 6 one of the greatest benefits of colonial rule is that you will be allowed to pay the correct price for petrol the word gas is hereby outlawed or approximately 8 per gallon in terms of your old currency apart from getting that warm fuzzy feeling of sharing this achievement with your new colonial masters you will find this immediately corrects your budget and trade deficits 7 in future the special relationship...
  6. 11.06.2005, 17:58. valex в теме
    «Ваше отношение к Сталину.»
    ... brutal way to get things done quickly with restricted budget you may like or do not like stalin i don t but...

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