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День памяти
  20 мая 2023 (мифи умер)

Задача про фермера и его кредит
  20 мая 2023 (Алекс)

Математическое порно
  22 марта 2023 (Angleton)

Российский Союз ректоров
  19 февраля 2023 (Hellen Paul )

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  13 ноября 2022 (Сергей)

Знахари и шаманы в МГТУ имени Баумана
  5 ноября 2021 (монах из кельи)

Зачет по инженерной графике
  24 августа 2020 (Инженерная графика)

Пасынки Вселенной
  18 февраля 2020 (Max Brown)

Финансовая пирамида за 10 рублей
  7 февраля 2020 (Флора Миллс)

База решений задач ЕГЭ по математике
  26 декабря 2019 (Мария)

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  5. 11.11.2010, 01:06. Chameleon в теме
    «Maxima на Corum'е»
    ... equations factor polynomials expand functions in power series solve differential equations in closed form and perform many other operations it also has a programming language that you can use to extend maxima s capabilities the dangers of computer algebra with all this marvelous capability however you must bear in mind the limitations inherent in any such tool those considering the use of computers to do mathematics particularly students must be warned that these systems are no substitute for hands on work with equations and struggling with concepts these systems do not build your mathematical intuition nor will they strengthen your core skills this will matter a great deal down the road especially to those of you who wish to break new ground in theoretical mathematics and science do not use a computer as a substitute for your basic education by the same token however proficiency with computers and computer based mathematics is crucial for attacking the many problems which literally cannot be solved by pencil and paper methods in many cases problems which would take years by hand can be reduced to seconds by powerful computers also in the course of a long derivation it is sometimes useful for those who have already mastered the fundamentals to do work in these systems as a guard against careless errors or a faster means than a table of deriving some particular result also in case of an error fixing the resulting error can often be much quicker and simpler courtesy of a mathematical notebook which can be reevaluated with the correct parameters in place but just as a computer can guard against human error the human must not trust the computer unquestioningly all of these systems have limits and when those limits are reached it is quite possible for bizarre errors to result or in some cases answers which are actually wrong to say nothing of the fact that the people who programmed these systems were human and make mistakes to illustrate the limits of computer algebra systems we take the following example when given the integral integrate 1 sqrt 2-2 cos x from x -pi 2 to pi 2 mathematica 4 1 gives with no warnings 2 log 4 2 log cos pi 8 2 log sin pi 8 which n evalutates numerically to give 1 00984 maxima 5 6 returns the integral unevaluated the commercial macsyma says the integral is divergent and maple 7 says infinity cite maxima email list here had the person who wished to learn the result blindly trusted most of the systems in question he might have been misled so remember to think about the results you are given the computer is not always necessarily right and even if it gives a correct answer that answer is not necessarily complete a brief history of macsyma the birthplace of macsyma where much of the original coding took place was project mac at mit in the late 1960s and earlier 1970s projectmac was an mit research unit which was folded into the current laboratory for computer science research support for macsyma included the advanced research projects agency arpa department of defense the us department of energy and other government and private sources the original idea first voiced by marvin minsky was to automate the kinds of manipulations done by mathematicians as a step toward understanding the power of computers to exhibit a kind of intelligent behavior the undertaking grew out of a previous effort at mitre corp called mathlab work of carl engelman and others plus the mit thesis work of joel moses on symbolic integration and the mit thesis work of william a martin the new effort was dubbed macsyma project mac s symbolic manipulator the original core design was done in july 1968 and coding began in july 1969 this was long before the days of personal computers and cheap memory initial development was centered around a single computer shared with the artificial intelligence laboratory a dec pdp-6 this was replaced by newer more powerful machines over the years and eventually the mathlab group acquired its own dec-pdp-10 mit-ml running the its operating system this machine became a host on the early arpanet predecessor to the internet which helped it gain a wider audience as the effort grew in scope and ability the general interest it created led to attempts to port the code that is to take the series of instructions which had been written for one...
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