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Слово «feeling»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 23.04.2005 в 08:40,
и с тех пор употреблялось 14 раз.
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  1. 09.04.2011, 21:38. Кот Шрёдингера в теме
    «Poetry in English»
    ... beginning but i remember it from may we had such happy feeling as it was end of our school-way the days got hotter day to day last knowledge page by last page examinations -piece of pie and school-life finally died white dots on dress black tie theater thanks mr president for silver medal but asked myself am i this thing s creator life greatly pushed the throttle-pedal i met some interesting guys they were very-very nice as bright ambitions in their eyes as their position of this life the main square of our town and mr president again my friend gave him the flowers i lost a girl at dance oh damn wish got another chance back to lyceum for the red diploma the tears of our parents we said good bye forever школа the useeful knowledge is your present the graduating ball i did t go i spent 2 hours in my bed and went to see the rising show that girly-early photo s still in head finally free finally free let go my ugly thoughts i m not a freak i m not a freak if sign aloud songs we wasted time as good as could we had our meetings in the evenings still haven t understood that perfect mood the best damn feelings of the feelings as everything goes by that time is lost in time the unexpecting changes increased the separating ranges i left tiraspol-town left my friends i lost my lucky crown and didn t do my best summer ended fall began the season and the feeling too much of shit and damn the damnest feeling of the feelings i met a lot of stupid guys that aint so good...
  2. 16.04.2010, 22:25. valex в теме
    ... there ll be a record --mark s fowler fcc chairman feeling smarter yet send it on to your brilliant friends...
  3. 26.05.2006, 10:40. Ecstasy в теме
    «Музыка любви!»
    i am as young as i m feeling i m always 21 i am always 21 c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie i m always 21 at heart love listen to me ooooh yeah yeah yeah i need somebody to stay beside me cause i ve got a hungry heart baby with or without love i m gonna get a man who can fulfill my dreams on the top of the world i don t wanna be alone no no no not me c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie on the road tonight life is good for you always 21 c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie on my own tonight life is good for you always 21 love is a lyer but i m a tryer give it another go you have another yes i have seen her i wonder who she is does she kiss you the way that i used to kiss you i bet she wonders who i am c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie on the road tonight life is good for you always 21 c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie on my own tonight life is good for you always 21 c est la vie c est la vie c est la vie on my own tonight love will come to you you are always 21 i get older everyday but i will fight it till the end there s a man for me to have and to hold easy come and easy go once bitten but not for long and as young as i m feeling yes i am c est la vie c est la vie c est la...
  4. 19.10.2005, 21:04. Niemand в теме
    ... your old currency apart from getting that warm fuzzy feeling of sharing this achievement with your new colonial...
  5. 26.05.2005, 17:56. Vectra в теме
    «Любовь- это навсегда?»
    ... hard to believe this is happening to me an amazing feeling coming through да я знаю об этом говорили сотни...
  6. 08.05.2005, 04:08. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    strange feeling about the victory day my parents grandparents who participated in wwii past away russian veterans were veterans for me when i was 5 years old and now when i am become older german veterans are active guys even now i was surprised to know german government has few members who was privates in 12th army of general wenk do you remember from history books how general wenk did not subordinate hitler s and keitel s orders but holds his positions on for 3 extra days against red army to give a chance for the rest on 9th army and civilians to join in and successfully move in the us custody grandparents of my friends from germany and austria used to be solders of waffen ss panzier troops and grenadiers my former head manager served as the waffen ss officer at that time why russian veterans are outside of modern life did someone used to work to remove russian veterans from modern business or life in russia is so primitive that people can not sustain in their 80s as active members of people community i think the last guess is about right last year i saw my former boss former waffen ss officer he is really active guy even now we discuss american finland stock markets he gifted me few ideas what to do with our former company shares why russian veterans are outside of modern business i want to see russian veterans as nova days millionaires i want to see a success story from life of russian veterans not so far may be someone knows now i work for german company again one of the reason guys hire me because i m a russian they trust in russian educational system more then in the american asian ones from the beginning my manager suggested i m a hardworking guy because i m a russian sometime at lunch time we discuss wwii events they are upset of hitler s way to govern germany that time but they proud of their grandparents achievements difficult feelings i remember even now what i saw at my 9 years...
  7. 23.04.2005, 08:40. valex в теме
    «Мат на форуме.»
    ... events if someone uses мат на форуме that is his her feeling about the topic give people a right to emphasize...

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