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Слово «area»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 26.04.2005 в 06:49,
и с тех пор употреблялось 59 раз.
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  1. 19.05.2006, 19:42. valex в теме
    «А как устраиваются девушки, окончившие факультет К?»
    ... if you have a professional training at any hi-tech area you will find a job everywhere but national psychology...
  2. 29.04.2006, 08:39. valex в теме
    ... you return from work don t forget to re-check your area again and may be do a night cleaning exercise...
  3. 11.03.2006, 16:16. valex в теме
    ... her life by itself an example imagine a rural remote area in the us and kids growing up over there i m sure they will not get the best school education over there but they will get some when they became adults and if they want to continue education work to became a professional worker like an sw engineer they probably will not have money to pay for that and if they would ask for a student loan some people are not eligible to get a loan for full coverage of tuition expanses and for life support at university what to do in this kind situation some people believe they don t have a choice they have to enroll in our army and to get a military loan for education but that will jeopardize their future life by necessity to serve in iraq or in countries like that about 80 of poor people think like that and go like that government supports this way of thinking and i see many army advertisements in poor rural areas army even sent young cadets to explain to others...
  4. 09.03.2006, 10:39. valex в теме
    «Наука и Техника.»
    ... you are an expert in high voltage technologies this area i missed completely 40kv it s a lot where did...
  5. 22.01.2006, 19:54. ac-17 в теме
    ... братство ай уб моаг http www bratstvo su index shtml area st52
  6. 12.12.2005, 05:55. valex в теме
    «Творческая работа или высокая зарплата?»
    ... technical field isn t it i cannot judge non technical areas sorry i was not right when implemented technical scale to non technical workers i don t know your friend and his participation to translate windows products for the ms but i have experience to use russian version of windows 95 nt 3 11 i don t advice to anyone to use any of them and i don t know russian sw engineers who uses russian versions of ms products at work except guys focused on russian market i don t think russian versions are worse or better of afgan version i think they have same quality below native english versions does it mean there are no needs to translate ms office into russian no when you want to give a product to people who has no idea about computer and who has no idea about other countries you have to translate the product and do many others works around to get money out from new customer you see the point that is special kind of work to get a person to pay as much as software giant wants web site freelancer accordingly your story your friend made it done and forget about ones i know that kind of work and can gauge at that point your friend implemented some template with his own modifications i believe that is the easiest work but right after starts the most difficult work for web programmer everyday maintenance security improvements almost everyday website owner introduces new features what have to be implemented quickly i know for instance intel web team in arizona they work as horses if you mention to anyone from intel web team that his her work possible to outsource they will think you want to make laugh from them their website directly connected to thousand computers and to many manufacturers machines that work must be done local certainly web site of shoes store is not going to be updated daily by new functions that means someone may do it remotely do you see my point intel and unknown store comparison when you mention too well known names i don t believe they hired the best professional in the field but occasionally only that is possible they hired normally not the best specialist in the field but specialists with connections you know that isn t it even myself developed some it stuff for russian church headquarter but not because i m the best in the lan technology but i did use my connections to land into my hands so large customer roughly speaking i m surprised by your examples писателя журналиста переводчика адвоката does it mephi expertise area now if so mephi strides aside from its normal...
  7. 11.09.2005, 00:57. valex в теме
    «"hardware engineer", in electronics && microel-s.»
    ... physicist as a professional in physics and related areas as biophysics chemistry or astronomy and what is an university when people may study physics to get a diploma in all these areas of physics hw engineer could be mc design engineer could be soc design engineer significantly more complex then mc could be design automation engineer and multiple others kinds of the hw if you can describe specific area you have an interest in that could be helpful...
  8. 07.07.2005, 16:42. valex в теме
    «Перевод на другой факультет.»
    ... together i do my work well and i don t care about area of hi-tech it came from but i need for interesting...
  9. 24.06.2005, 07:51. valex в теме
    «Наука и Техника.»
    ... propellants and explosives sometimes i go to empty desert area to test my new synthesize i like nice firework...
  10. 12.05.2005, 09:05. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... when you talk about last days of war that is grey area of the history everyone knew the war is over that...

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