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Слово «depends»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 13.05.2007 в 20:04,
и с тех пор употреблялось 26 раз.
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  1. 03.10.2012, 18:19. Настейсия в теме
    ... nobody doubts these days that progress in the world depends on progress in education higher education in particular in britain for example about 71 per cent of pupils continue studying after the age of 16 the proportion of young people entering universities has risen from one in eight in 1980 to almost about one in three at present english universities usually consist of colleges the academic year is divided into three terms the course lasts three or four years depending on the subject area arts science law engineering medicine social sciences the structure of courses does not differ from russian courses in size of groups methods of teaching and close relationships with teachers methods of assessment differ from university to university but all british students have to undergo lengthy written examinations conditions of student life in britain differ from those in russia the english assume that anyone from age eighteen is an independent being capable of making up his or her own mind and capable of looking after himself or herself as a rule english students try to live away from home like russian students english students receive a grant from the state for the expenses of daily living the level of the grant depends on the income of the student and of the student s parents besides students can take out a special student loan which they do not have to repay until they are earning loans are not means-tested in the opinion of the english there is one more obvious difference between british and russian students however traditionally there has always been an enormous amount of amateur and voluntary work in britain it takes place in universities as well playing in the university band taking part in athletics or football running university newspapers helping the disabled and pensioners participating in local and national voluntary groups and societies there is a widespread opinion that conditions may be different but goals of getting higher education are the same everywhere many people admit that for the majority of young people today success in life is measured in terms of the money young people earn this materialistic outlook has seriously influenced education fewer and fewer young people these days acquire knowledge only for its own sake they want to obtain prestigious diplomas to get higher wages and advancement a language teacher s personal opinion every day i see advertisements in the newspapers and on the buses saying that it is easy to learn english according to these advertisements with very little effort on the student s part he she will be able to speak the language fluently in three months or even ten days when i see advertisements like this i don t know whether to laugh or cry if it were as easy to learn english as they say i would have to look for another job because very few qualified teachers would be needed but a large number of people must believe these claims if people didn t believe it such advertisements would not appear it is natural for students to be attracted to methods that will teach them as quickly efficiently and cheaply as possible but it is no use pretending that anyone has discovered a perfect way of teaching english in every possible situation for a long time people believed that the only way to learn a language was by spending a great deal of time in a country where it was spoken of course it is clear that the students who go to england to learn english have a great advantage over others but a large number of students cannot afford to do so some students go to the opposite extreme and think they can teach themselves at home by learning words in dictionaries but it is wrong to assume that each word in english has an equivalent in another language and that any translation method can produce good pronunciation and intonation in my personal opinion no one can ever learn to speak english or any other language unless he is interested in learning it there is another relevant point worth mentioning here one should remember that language learning is an active thing that needs effort and time it is worth remembering that language is a means of communication so students of english should forget about being shy nervous afraid of saying something incorrect or silly and should start learning by talking it s far better to make a few mistakes than to say nothing if you make the effort to speak you ll find that little by little you ll get more confidence and enjoy speaking ii переведите на русский язык следующие английские словосочетания 1depends on progress 6 amateur and voluntary work 2...
  2. 30.04.2011, 22:19. lamen в теме
    «О культуре и отношении преподавателей к студентам»
    ... ситуации лично я не вижу хороший вопрос не знаю it depends что называется вероятно сильно зависит от личности...
  3. 05.03.2011, 23:45. Lexxus в теме
    «Онлайн тест на трезвость»
    ... у меня мышка всё равно не прыгает хотя конечно it depends
  4. 07.11.2010, 20:40. Antolflash в теме
    «Помогите поставить Gnome на FreeBSD 8.1»
    ... это имеете ввиду cd usr ports x11 gnome2 make all-depends-list тобишь в папке gnome будут лежать ссылке...
  5. 14.07.2010, 11:19. min в теме
    «Храм в МИФИ»
    ... неадекватных чему в этом отличие от английского it depends со всех остальных точек зрения установка креста...
  6. 15.09.2009, 13:28. zzz_ в теме
    «А нужна ли математика программисту и кто это такой вообще?»
    ... realized that the ability to add numbers in parallel depends on the fact that addition is associative so...
  7. 20.07.2009, 13:35. Itheme в теме
    «Кто сможет пойти на все?»
    it depends как говорится наличие времени не занятого работой...
  8. 07.03.2009, 10:29. .kkursor в теме
    «Терминальный сервер Xrdp + RealVNC + Xfce»
    ... installing for courier-imap-4 4 1 2 courier-imap-4 4 1 2 depends on executable courierauthconfig found courier-imap-4 4 1 2 depends on file usr local bin perl5 8 9 found missing...
  9. 08.08.2008, 00:13. Homo Sapiens в теме
    «Образование в МИФИ, России и мире :)»
    it depends i guess в принципе наверное сильно зависит...
  10. 21.06.2008, 13:44. Стукалов В.И. в теме
    «Классическая физика»
    ... velocity of a particle the second part the third member depends on this velocity force is proportional to value...

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