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Слово «political»
впервые сказано пользователем valex 12.05.2005 в 09:05,
и с тех пор употреблялось 14 раз.
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  1. 04.09.2013, 11:53. Последний в теме
    ... technical impact dns blocking also has many social and political implications free speech and due process...
  2. 19.02.2012, 23:02. Лопотам в теме
    «А теперь я проголосую так»
    ... наркотой даже если это произойдет что сильно вряд ли ибо political suicide то это лучше еще одной итерации солнцеликого...
  3. 25.01.2012, 19:31. Лопотам в теме
    «Кто к Макфолу не ходил - тот сурковская пропаганда!»
    ... need for economic loosening against a desire for firm political control the government announced it would eliminate 500 000 state jobs by march 2011 and has expanded opportunities for self-employment president raul castro said such changes were needed to update the economic model to ensure the survival of socialism the government has introduced limited reforms some initially implemented in the 1990s to increase enterprise efficiency and alleviate serious shortages of food consumer goods and services the average cuban s standard of living remains at a lower level than before the downturn of the 1990s which was caused by the loss of soviet aid and domestic inefficiencies since late 2000 venezuela has been providing oil on preferential terms and it currently supplies about 100 000 barrels per day of petroleum products cuba has been paying for the oil in part with the services of cuban personnel in venezuela including some 30 000 medical professionals вы правда думаете что политзаключенные все как один содержались в тюрьмах нанесенных на карту в таком случае спешу вас обрадовать секретные тюрьмы цру для вас не более чем миф что правда не укладывается в вашу картину американцев-злодеев но это уже мелочи когда на вас падает метеорит нужно не зажмуриваться а смотреть и думать как бы покинуть зону приземления dissent is illegal under law 75 of 1973 reportedly 10 to 20 percent of libyans work in surveillance for gaddafi s revolutionary committees citation needed a proportion of informants on par with saddam hussein s iraq or kim jong il s north korea the surveillance takes place in government in factories and in the education sector political conversations with foreigners is a crime...
  4. 08.05.2010, 08:53. тостер в теме
    «Отдам ДАРОМ книжки на английском языке.»
    ... frantzich stephen l percy american government the political game
  5. 12.02.2010, 18:19. valex в теме
    «Степан Бандера - герой Украины»
    ... на днях the secret front the inside story of nazi political espionage by wilhelm hoettl автор служил...
  6. 12.08.2009, 01:06. RedThreat в теме
    «Украина-Россия: посла не послали»
    ... very important principle and to cease any funding of political candidates or campaigns henceforth из речи...
  7. 15.12.2005, 22:29. S1680 в теме
    «Новый закон про отсрочки.»
    ... conditions are assured we can adjust ourselves to any political situation which may ensue from the war we will then be safe whether a soviet government retains the bulk of russian territory or whether it retains only a small part of such territory or whether it disappears altogether and we will be safe even though the original democratic enthusiasm of a new regime is short-lived and tends to be replaced gradually by the a-social concepts of international affairs to which the present soviet generation has been educated the above should be adequate as an expression of our war aims in the event that political processes in russia take their own course under the stresses of war and that we are not obliged to assume major responsibility for the political future of the country but there are further questions to be answered for the event that soviet authority should disintegrate so rapidly and so radically as to leave the country in chaos making it encumbent upon us as the victors to make political choices and to take decisions which would be apt to shape the political future of the country for this eventuality...
  8. 12.05.2005, 09:05. valex в теме
    «День Победы.»
    ... visited shortly permanent ss offices were converted into political police offices known as the sd security division approximately at same time idea of concentration camps was sound himmler s police assumed as security guards for the concentration camps together with the sd himmler created the department of the aryan race protection that department did sponsorship for archeology excavations tibet expedition etc to the time when hitler became an official country leader himmler used to have strong police structure similar as the state police bodyguard structure was so good and it is enrolled so many people himmler wanted to compete with the state army generals for public power he was clever enough do not do that in public he learned from the sa example you know for this reason his armored forces get name waffen-ss and supposed to be used as an army reserve and sometime to serve as concentration camps guards on rotation base only at that time waffenss at the beginning adolf hitler standard das grosse deutschland standard das reich and totenkopf and leibstandard were not super army as the world learned at the wwii the 1st battle experience of waffenss was in 1938 at france they did show of themselves as brave but completely out of military training soldiers wermacht was much better equipped and better trained that time the division adolf hitler the only ss men participated at france invasion destroyed catholic churches and did shot of few the uk s pows the 1st international crime committed by the ss men they did not show of themselves as battlefield soldiers himmler learned the lesson and shortly his armored forces became the best soldiers ever you know the price for his men army training himmler sold slave human labor for german industry for cheap and his organization bought any military supply by discounted prices and get priority to buy military supply even before wermacht waffenss became better equipped and better budgeted then wermacht but that was war time and really bad time to compete with wermacht generals for political power waffenss became army reserve till 1944 to 1940 waffenss got serious loses not bigger loses then wermacht did but that was significant for the ss organization the waffenss started to recruit foreigners the viking is the division recruited in belgium dutch etc southeast europe did follow never ever were national conflicts inside the ss at least between west european soldiers from the 1st training people learned everyone is an equal for the ss i saw the ss veteran from holland who was a commander of multinational units including german officers one of the most important requirement to people at the ss was a comradeship i specifically did a search for national conflicts in the ss i do not know about even single case the comradeship was one of the strongest feature of the elite german army as the waffenss used to be inside waffenss were georgia battalion armenia battalion azerbaijan battalion ukranian and even uzbek battalions all baltic republics gifted to the ss by legion russia was represented by vlasov s army i did not see any internal ss documents about the ss units from former ussr citizens normally commanders of all units were german officers but with time and with heavy loses everything was mixed around to make the distinguish between international ss troops into official names were included for one more word the standards with major aryan men received a word freiwilligen those units that contained a high percentage of non-germanic personnel carried the designation waffen- within their names that is probably why you decide waffenss is for non-germanic divisions only when you use official name like some -waffen-grenadier-division-ss means that division is mainly from non-germans you may use waffenss word to call all himmler armored forces and that is correct way to say waffenss was a convenient military organization for the ss needs because of its political nature the ss enrolled of anyone requirements...

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